NACCHO Advanced Practice Center Sites have closed

Please note: The NACCHO Advanced Practice Center Sites have closed as of September 29, 2012. NACCHO is committed to maintaining the APC products hosted currently on this site. Please contact NACCHO with any questions or concerns.  All tools, materials and technical assistance are available to you at no- cost at the NACCHO website

After an eight year journey of addressing public health preparedness challenges and supporting local health departments build and strengthen emergency response strategies, the Seattle & King County APC has reached the end of the road and will no longer be creating new tools and resources nor providing technical assistance. 

We are proud of our individual and collective APC achievements throughout the program’s history, including the creation, evaluation and dissemination of over 100 APC toolkits. The legacy of the program will endure as health departments continue use the APC toolkits to tackle preparedness issues and build public health preparedness capabilities. 

We would like to extend our gratitude to the local, regional and national partners who have supported the development and evaluation of the Seattle & King County APC toolkits, as well as those who have implemented our tools at the local level. 

It has been a privilege to serve and assist you in meeting the preparedness challenges in your community over the past few years and we wish you well in all your preparedness and response efforts.

- The Seattle & King County APC Team


Isolation and Quarantine Planning – A Few New Tools and Updated Plan

After a thorough review and revision, updated Isolation and Quarantine tools are now available. Public Health – Seattle and King County spent the past year streamlining the tools with an eye towards providing services with limited staffing numbers as a reflection of the reduced workforce size in many health departments across the country.


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Family Assistance Center Planning – More Tools Available

More family assistance center (FAC) tools and resources are available to you! Two years of planning by Public Health – Seattle & King County and the King County Healthcare Coalition generated a number of new templates, tools and sample protocols to help with FAC planning. These tools, developed as part of the Regional Catastrophic Planning Grant, are now available on the Advanced Practice Center website and include:

• Partner roles and responsibilities matrix.
• Checklists for activation and demobilization.
• Multiple documents related to the different functions of and services available in a FAC, with an eye for cultural and religious considerations.
• A family resource packet, to be given to family members upon arrival at the FAC, filled with information on the FAC, services available, and forms to complete.


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