Workforce Activation



Training and exercises are integral components of preparedness planning. Ideally, you need a plan in place before you can actually train staff and practice it. In this area, we are currently developing a training structure and protocol that will work in tandem with other emergency preparedness activities. This training outline will serve as a guide to help Public Health staff maintain the skills for a quality response.


We started by addressing the knowledge and skills we want our staff to have at the end and worked backwards. In the absence of finalized plans, we have focused our training efforts on the basic information we want our Public Health response team members to know.

This includes topics such as:

Sample presentations have been included for many of these topics in the Training Tools section.


Next, we will launch Phase 2 of our training program that will be comprised of two essential strategies:

  1. Leadership Training. Train our emergency response leaders (e.g., Site Managers, EOC Representatives, Response Team Leads) in our system on how to lead in an emergency using ICS and National Incident Management System (NIMS) principles.
  2. Response Team. Train all our team members on their specific response roles and responsibilities. Some possible response teams could include a Environmental Health Surge Tearm, Health Education Surge Tam, Logistics Surge Team, Signage Surge Team, 800MHz Radio Operator Surge Team, CD EPI Surge Team, PICC Surge Team or a Mass Care Support Surge Team.


The following flow chart illustrates the segmentation of emergency response training needs for Public Health employees.

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The following Matrix was developed to outline response training needs. A sample matrix that has been populated with key findings is also included below.