2011 Joint Conference on Health

Building Community Together – Creating Opportunities for Better Health, is the focus of the 2011 Joint Conference on Health. This year the conference examines the inter-connections between local health departments and the greater health and medical community and explores ways to expand and build upon those relationships as we struggle to maintain services in an ever more resource limited environment.

On Monday morning Mary Selecky, Susan Dreyfus and Heidi Robbins-Brown from the Washington State Department of Health gave an update on the on the state of the Washington budget and the possible outlook for 2011-2012 which could include additional cuts to services. They outlined the priorities and challenges in meeting those priorities that have been worked on at the state level and shared feedback from local health departments regarding the real world impacts of these cuts.  Even with the bad news presented to the conference in plenary speeches there where many workshops that showcased yet again the amazing work going on all around the state by local health department’s continuing to strive and meet the needs of the populations they serve. Two of the workshops I was able to attend dealt with addressing cultural barriers in accessing behavioral health services and improving the access to translated materials around the state. Showing once again that even as we learn to do more with less, public health in Washington State continues to be an innovative. 

Seattle & King County and Multnomhah APCs attended to share APC tools and talked with a number of participants who continue to look for preparedness tools and resources to help them save time and money. 

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